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Meet Acacia

Acacia aims to help you improve your financial and climate performance.

It can do a whole lot more, but making your money work harder for you and the planet is simply what it’s all about.

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What it does

See clearly

Enter just a few details and see how your energy, banking and super arrangements stack up against the open market.

You’ll get a clear, convenient picture of how they’re performing – for you and the planet.

Simply smarter

Acacia’s research interrogates financial and climate performance data for energy, banking and super providers.

So you can clearly understand your financial and environmental performance. And get the most out of your money.

Always on

We measure the performance of your arrangements against the market. If we find something better, we’ll let you know.And we make it easy to switch to better options.

Access to experts

Connect with affordable financial advice that considers your financial and environmental goals. So you can do good, and well.

Acacia's Carbon Sphere

For the first time, see a clear, overall picture of the areas you can have the most impact on the planet.

We’ll cover your power, super, banking, transport and spending and show you win-win actions to support a net zero future.

Coming soon.

Acacia brings the market to you.

Acacia is an open platform. Our research and algorithms help you connect with options that may be a better match for your financial and sustainability goals.

Our Mission

Get money to do better for people and the planet – without compromise, cost or complexity.

How we'll do it

About you, not them.

Your money may not be performing for you financially. And it may be used in ways that you might not agree with – like supporting the fossil fuel industry.

With Acacia, it’s easy to take action to ensure your money is working hard for you and the world we live in. It’s time to reshape the system.


More rewards, less hassle.

We want you to get ahead first and foremost. It’s why we’ve built in time saving automation so you can be confident your money is always working hard – so you don’t have to.

Build wealth, make change.

Money can do more than it does. We’re going to use it to help you and our environment get moving towards a better future

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